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Teachers so far:

Nekuni - History, Social Studies
Izumi - Chemistry
Riern - Biology, School Doctor
Zyana - P.E. Girl's Group
OUT - Religion (demonology)
Erma - Janitor
Keitaro - P.E. Boy's group, School Chef, Japanese
Celcius - Art (including music, drama, and dance) and English.
Silvia - vice Principal BEEZATCH.
Mielas - Dark Arts
Miyuki - Student Teacher (any subject)
Sam - School nurse
Noah - Home Ec. and self defense teacher
Ambrose - Librarian
Minka - Math teacher
Tia - Student Teacher (yes two) (any subject)
Roland - Janitor's Assistant
Jericho - Astronomy
Thomas - Sex Ed (New Thomas)
Fantasia - Teacher's Assistant
Gemini - Technological Education
Yuuka - Environmental Studies/Folklore
Vamela - Secertary
Crescendo - Physics (After school fencing coach)
Cat - Rookie Security Gaurd
Yuzu -Chinese Teacher & Volleyball Coach
Margaret -Graphics Design Teacher
George -Creative Writing Teacher
Blu -Swim-Team Coach/Danish Teacher(She's Not a Math Teacher)
Amadeus -American and Foreign Sign Language
Colin -(2nd)Creative Writing Teacher


Automotive, Multimedia, Earth Science, Welding, Wood Tech ( aka wood works ), Drafting (architectural design ), Web Design, Graphic Design, World Religions ( not demonology ), Team Building, German, Spanish, Portuguese ( Spanish and Portuguese can go hand in hand if needed ), ( aka Any Foreign Language besides french and japanese), Creative Writing, Any coaches for after school sports - soccer, basketball, football, ect,
(And Anything ELSE you can think of)