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The rules are to be followed properly in order to be a functioning member of Character High School. Not complying to these rules will result in prompt warning and/or punishment. They ALL apply to BOTH the chat room ([link]) and the collaboration as a whole.
Please read through this guide thoroughly.

General Rules:

•Each author is allowed only five (5) characters.
•KEEP IT BALANCED! Check the ratio of guys to girls, young to old(er), and teachers to students. If there are too many girls, please do not add onto the number. Instead, we would prefer you make a guy instead, too keep it balanced, ya know? Same goes for the amount of teachers and students, young and old. Not too many teachers compared to students, and not too many young or old compared to old or young.
•We support ALL styles of drawing.

Collaboration/Chat Room Rules:

1. Absolutely NO GODMODDING!
I'm just going to say it straight, people don't like godmodders. It's frustrating and gets irritating if someone controls your character and makes/forces them do something you know they would never do or you don't want them to do. We also don't want others to just go and kill our characters all willy-nilly. The author/owner of the character decides these. Also, overpowered characters just aren't fun in collabs.
2. DO NOT expect anyone to love or pity your character.
As in real life, people won't instantly love a person they don't know well enough, and some people just don't care. Roleplaying your character can showcase their personality to others in a subtle way, and some people might favor that type of personality. They just have to earn that love. (Like myself, for example: I like the characters that know how to have fun, but I'm not too fond of characters that blatantly sleep around and try to get into the pants of anything that moves.) Characters that go emo and stir up drama all the time get annoying, and while drama can be fun if used wisely, there is always too much of a good thing.
3. Keep other author's character's in character.
Don't make someone else's character OOC (out of character). Follow their personality; look at their profile for how they act or ask the authors themselves. It's okay if you do some kind of crack comic/drawing, so long as the author of that character you make crack out of approves.
Respect yourself and your character(s). Respect goes both ways, so if you are rude, don't expect someone else to treat you nicely. Do not insult someone else (we understand if it's just joking around, close friends do that sometimes, and the other person KNOWS you're just joking.) Also, please respect the artwork people make. Do not say their art "sucks" or "is lame," etc.. It is okay to give them CONSTRUCTIVE criticism if they ask for it, but not DESTRUCTIVE criticism.
5. No hogging the characters.
While it is okay to pair your characters with other characters, it is not okay to hog them all for yourself. Leave some fish in the sea for others, ya know? Also, make sure you both agree to them being an official couple. It gets awkward if they didn't agree to it and/or never planned to pair that character with your's, but maybe someone else's character instead.
6. Keep it as PG as possible. Avoid mature content, please.
This comic is meant for EVERYONE. If you really feel compelled to drawing something mature, censor the proper areas. If you drew... everything, then the one you post on CHS must be censored, but you can post the uncensored version on an image hosting site (ex. Photobucket, Imageshack, TinyPic, etc.) and show it to the people who you intend to (or whatever floats your boat.)
7. Avoid constant rping of couples together/interrupting their quality time.
It's okay every so often. I mean, couples need to see each other to keep things going, right? But sometimes, you need to take a break and hang with friends, this applies to CHS as well. It's difficult for other characters to interact with their buddies (or enemies) if they're always out somewhere on a date with their lover. One could think, "Just interrupt them on their date!" However, the authors would prefer you not do so. It's not fun to have your rp interrupted, especially if you're in the zone, and it's getting to the good part.

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to check the study hall and we'll try to help! <3 (Alternatively, contact one of the creators/moderators via private message on SmackJeeves.)