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Please use it to get ideas, or at least find the answer to some questions you may have!
If you still do not understand, feel free to click the "Study Hall" page and ask one of the chatters about it. Or, if there's no one there, ask the creator.
Hopefully it helps, if not... apologizes for that xD;

Rival Arc:
Who started it?: Venom master/OUT
Status: Beach Event Ended(25 Jan 2011)
Info: Rivals have been trying to take over Character High School. What will the students do? Why are they attacking? Will the securty system, Securty Gaurd and the students themselves be able to stop them? LET'S WATCH AND SEE!

Fire Arc:
Who started it?: Neki_Chan/Shizukumaru/Arty-Fox
Status: Ended(2/Dec/2010)
Info: Miru and Jessie wanted to escape class, Nekuni of course stopped them and all hell broke lose after that ordeal.

Alien Arc:
Who started it?: Shizukumaru
Status: On-going
Info: WARNING PARASITE-LIKE ALIENS "There has been news of parasite aliens invading the area. They will attack and infect any possible host, kill on sight" aliens? parasite? oh no! what will your character do? (so ppl feel like arcs arent doing well, from now on, the creators of the chs, will bring out a new arc once in a while for you to do, if you don't like it, its ok we have tons of others you can join in and the normal comic to draw any everyday school comics) have fun!

Feburary Party Arc:
Who started it?: Shizukumaru
Status: On-going (Feburary Mostly)
Info: Valentine's Day Arc. Whoever your character likes/loves, they can get that special someone a gift or show them how much they care.

School Year Arc:
Who started it?: Shizukumaru
Status: On Going
Info: Random days in the Student's year of school. What will happen? WELL, IT'S RANDOM!!

Crack RP Arc:
Who started it?: Zaazumafoo
Status: On Going
Info: What would happen if the teachers were students and the students were teachers? Well, this Arc is goin to answer that! In the chat we RP'd some cracky McCrackness! so basically, the teachers and students all switched places. Teachers became students [i.e. are teens now] and students became teachers [10 yrs older]. This ain't a legit arc, but it would be interesting to see your characters here